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Monument Ice Academy Announcement

By Monument Ice Rinks, 10/19/18, 5:00PM MDT


Dear Monument Skating Family –
I wanted to take a moment to let you know about upcoming changes to the figure skating program at Monument Ice Rinks. Effective immediately, the 7k Skating Academy is no longer based out of Monument Ice Rinks. Coach Kori Ade and Emily Oltmanns are no longer coaching at Monument Ice Rink, and Heather Aseltine will no longer be administering the figure skating program. They have all contributed tremendously to the development of figure skating in Monument, and we are grateful for all of the energy and effort they put into the programs.
We are excited to announce the launch of our new program, The Skating Academy - Monument. The program will offer an inclusive and accessible skating experience for skaters of all levels in the Monument Ice Rinks.
Moving forward, freestyle sessions will be run through Monument Ice Rinks management and lessons will be coordinated directly with your coaches. No group classes will be offered this upcoming week.
Given the speed of this transition, I’m sure you have some questions, and I’ve done my best to answer them below:
How will freestyle sessions work?

  • The ice schedule will be similar to the current one, with additional sessions added, and is available on the Monument Skating Academy website. Freestyle sessions will be run in 45 minute increments for $7 each session. These sessions can be purchased at the front desk of the East Rink starting on Sunday morning, or online at the freestyle session page on Monument Skating Academy website . Skaters must check in at the front desk prior to taking the ice. This is a temporary system while we finish our launch of The Skating Academy - Monument programs.


  • If you are interested in being an ice monitor over the next few weeks in exchange for ice time, please contact Tyler and Karissa at the email addresses below.

I already purchased ice for next week(s) through the 7K website, what do I do?

  • You can provide proof of purchase at the front desk when checking in for freestyle sessions, and we will honor the previous purchase. This can be verified at the front desk, or by sending a screenshot of 7k purchased ice time to Tyler and Karissa by email addresses below.

What do I do for coaching?

  • All coaches staying with Monument Ice Rinks will be contacting their students directly tonight to confirm lesson times for the upcoming week. Coaches will schedule and bill skaters directly for private lessons. If you have any questions, please contact your coach for more information.

Finally, I would like to welcome Tyler Shipstad and Karissa Woienski, who will be overseeing the development and operations of The Skating Academy - Monument’s figure skating program. Our goal is to create a vibrant community where everyone feels welcome, and we’re excited to be taking the first steps in the transition! Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll continue adding to the website and the program, so there will be many more updates coming. There may be some hiccups and bumps along the way, so we ask that you’ll be patient during the development; we appreciate any feedback you might have and are so excited to enhance the offerings of Monument Ice Rinks. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of us if you have any questions!
Andrew Sherman
Owner, Monument Ice Rinks
Tyler Shipstad
Karissa Woienski